Do you aspire to care for your own plants yet fear that your busy modern life will lead to the neglect and death of your botanical wards? You need not worry anymore, for 21st century technology will water your plants for you! Pikaplant, a design company based in Amsterdam, is promoting a new series of self-watering products to ensure that your plants will never go thirsty again. Pikaplant’s self-watering line features three different designs to meet the needs of any time and space strapped gardener.

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A self-watering shelf system known as Pikaplant One is the most extensive of the three systems. With a storage tank on top, Pikaplant One distributes water downward to three levels of shelving where the plants are growing. “This analogue system integrates a humidity sensor and actuator – when a shelf contains a certain amount of water, it blocks the water flow,” said designer and Pikaplant co-founder Daniel Sutjahjo. “When your plants have absorbed all of the water and the shelf has been dry for a few days, the valve opens and water flows down into the shelf again.”

For those with less space, the Pikaplant Jar might be a better fit. The Jar seals the plants and the necessary nutrients within an airtight container, similar to a terrarium. Water within the Jar is recycled and can last up to a year within the self-contained biome. No assembly is required; the Pikaplant Jar comes complete with a rooted Coffee Arabica plant, though the designers hope to expand to other plants.

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self watering, Pikaplant, self watering design, green design, Pikaplant Tableau

Tableau, the most recent Pikaplant product, releases water from a small tank to feed up to four potted plants without using any electricity. “A valve closes when you lift the reservoir, and opens when you place the reservoir on the base,” said Sutjahjo. “You just need to make sure there’s water in the reservoir and your plants will drink the water they need.” Pikaplant is currently raising money for the development and distribution of its Tableau system through a Kickstarter campaign.

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