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IAMZ suggests that by mimicking the photosynthetic process of plants, this tower conforms to nature, mitigating any undue environmental impacts. The pods act like the leaves that absorb CO2 and light, converting them into energy without losing any water, and the columns, along which the outer pods slide, mimic plant stems. It’s not 100% what kind of technology the Egyptian designer has in mind to perform this function, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it emerge.

The entire building is naturally ventilated and indirect daylight pours through the strategically oriented pods, thereby avoiding too much solar gain during hot summers. Primarily designed as a residential complex for a 10,000 square foot site, the design also calls for a mixed-use development that incorporates administrative, entertainment, and retail facilities. It’s fairly unlikely such a design could be realized amidst Manhattan’s towers, but it is definitely an interesting concept that we think is worth further investigation.


Via Architizer