We’ve heard about lab grown meat and even 3D-printed steaks, but now one company is seeking to launch the leading plant-based egg substitute.  Beyond Eggs, made by Hampton Creek Foods, may not look like real eggs, but once hydrated, they are reported to taste remarkably like them. The grey powdery substitute is made from plant products like sunflower lecithin, canola, peas and natural gums from tree sap- providing a healthy, cruelty-free alternative to eggs.

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Although many vegetarians eat eggs, Josh Tetrick, CEO of Hampton Creek Foods, points out that the industrial food-production process surrounding eggs can still cause the same negative ethical and environmental effects that caused people to turn vegetarian to begin with. The carbon emissions caused by raising chickens, hormonal additives and overall poor treatment of most farm animals spurred Tetrick to come up with an egg alternative that didn’t just provide the same nutrition as real eggs, but also actually tasted like them.

Beyond Eggs isn’t trying to wage a war against meat and animal products, but instead provide an alternative to be used in foods like mayonnaise, dressings or baked goods. The product isn’t meant to be cooked up in place of a breakfast omelet, but instead provide a protein-rich substitute in recipes and baked goods.

Aside from the ethical and environmental benefits of choosing Beyond Eggs, the overall cost is 18% cheaper than battery-produced eggs, a major plus factor for industrial baking companies. Tetrick hopes that vegans will love his product, but sees the more mainstream benefits of Beyond Eggs to be appealing for food industries across the board.

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