Getting the whole family to eat their vegetables can be a challenge – but thanks to this super cool Sprout Table by Swedish student, Lena Louise Meyer, you can harvest and grow veggies right in the middle of your kitchen table! Unveiled at the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair, the table combines traditional craft and modern design to bring eco-friendliness and environmental growth to the center of the home.

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The square pine Sprout Table seats four and is adorned with a corian tablet covered in holes that mimic those found in a traditional lace table cloth. The tablet is not only modular but also opens up, allowing users to plant their favorite spice, vegetable, or plant below the surface. The unique and sustainable centerpiece brings families together to enjoy a closer relationship with the environment while learning about sustainability. Sprout Table can also be used in restaurants and cafes for green decor or to grow fresh food and herbs. Meyer is a wood-oriented furniture design MFA student at theUniversity of Gothenburg in Sweden, and we can’t wait to see what sharp, green-minded designs she will come up with next!

+ Lena Louisa Meyer

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