Broissin Architects, campus, school, natural light, concrete, ecological, Colegio Green Hills, Atizapan, Estado de México, Mexico, daylight

Broissin’s idea for the design of this kindergarten can be seen as an abstract attempt to capture the concept of throwing children’s blocks around a playground. The staggered buildings in a layered perspective play hide and seek with each other, while still leaving views of the surrounding forest. These blocks lean outward as if in motion, and help to further the creative minds of the children attending the kindergarten.

The buildings themselves are constructed from reinforced concrete. The preschool component of the campus is made from reinforced concrete bays supported by concrete piers, even though these buildings lack the lean that other buildings take on. The building site is elevated on the campus terrain in order to help move the rain water under the buildings and through to the forest ecosystem. The design team paid particular attention to the rain water’s interaction with the campus because the surrounding forest has many species that depend on this water corridor.

Instead of using an abundance of fluorescent lights throughout the building, Broissin Architects designed the buildings to utilize port-hole windows and other clerestory design in order to bring natural daylight deep into the spaces. This helps create a much richer environment for the children as they begin to learn the wonders of reading.

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