Autonomous has created a new building kit for a 98-square-foot, one-room building called the Pod. It is so simple the average user could set it up in one day in their backyard, often without a permit, as it is free-standing and assembles from a box. Pod is something you can use as a backyard office, guest house, yoga or writing studio.

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Pre-wired and equipped with air conditioning, heating and lighting, Pod is unique in backyard setups because it’s more than walls and windows. This is a plug-and-play solution to the space and privacy issue so many people faced during the pandemic. Pod is plugged into a power source and contains electric outlets within it.

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“Pod offers a more efficient, affordable and scalable way to expand housing for our growing population,” said Autonomous Founder Duy Huynh. “Everyone should have the space they need to be creative, to work and play and to expand the idea of home beyond the limits of a static building. With Pod, we wanted to offer more living space to people who didn’t want to move or deal with the hassle of an expensive remodel.” 

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Monetization was also at the forefront of designers’ minds with this project. Pod can be transformed into a profitable Airbnb rental or a remote workspace that saves on working or office rental costs. You could even set up a Pod as a workspace and rent it to someone in a location where co-working spaces are hard to come by or more privacy is needed.

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Pod ships free across the U.S. and comes with assembly instructions. The foundation can be installed without a concrete base. Elevated feet of the Pod can be adjusted to the right height on uneven surfaces and can cope with up to four tons of weight.

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Pod has walls made of plywood, a wood frame, foam insulation, plus bitumen and composite wood coating. The materials can handle any weather a normal house would. Integrated ventilation is also included in the design. Early birds ship February 2022 and other orders will begin shipping March 2022.

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