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To the team from Denmark that is presently working around the clock to finish the Fold House in time for the official SDE 2012 opening, sustainability entails a collective mindset that requires a sense of responsibility and awareness. These are the principles guiding their solar-powered prefab. For Milan, the team decided to incorporate rooftop photovoltaic panels onto the facade, which provides not only enough energy to power the house itself, but also enough to feed back into the communal grid.

Additionally, the team has incorporated vegetation into the SDE 2012 prototype to improve the urban microclimate, as well as extra lighting to ensure maximum security within the urban context. A three-step energy performance concept, which was originally conceived as part of the DTU Ph.d program, forms the heart of their integrated energy design. Just a few more days and we’ll get to see this progressive design in person!

+ FOLD by Team DTU

+ Solar Decathlon Europe