Finding camping gear that’s lightweight, waterproof, and warm can be hard, especially since sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and tents are often sold separately. Swiss outdoors company Polarmond has simplified things by combining those three elements into a single all-in-one sleep cell that’s not only lightweight and waterproof, but can also keep you warm in frigid temperatures of -22° F (-30° C). The system, which won a Gold Award at Germany’s Outdoor Show last month, is roomier than a bivouac sack, cozier than a tent, and provides several optional add-ons suitable for different weather and terrain conditions.

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All-In-One’s primary component is the outer shell made from a waterproof breathable material that keeps rain out while allowing moisture to escape. The inside of the shell is lined with a fleece fabric to help with heat retention and gives the sleep system its cozy feel. Instead of a sleep pad, the floor is cushioned with insulated material, so campers can roll around without slipping off the pad. The last piece of the system is a sleep blanket that draws moisture away from the body and keeps heat in. Both the pad and liner are removable and can be used independently.

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The All-In-One can be configured in three different ways to accommodate a variety of sleeping styles. The standard All-In-One has a hooded design, like a mummy bag, and exposes the camper’s face to the elements. While this works for warm bug-free camp sites, two add-on options are available for situations when the weather turns nasty or when the mosquitoes come a-buzzing. The bivouac-style model provides a small chamber that connects to the system and adds protection for the head while keeping the tent compact. The roomier tent-style add-on gives campers a bigger space to move around. Polarmond is also working on a multi-person solution to allow campers to connect their sleep cells together.

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