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First the obvious: this tiny space is for single living only. However, within the compact floor plan, Hanczar has managed to carve out spaces for a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, living area and a storage closet. Hanczar also doesn’t sound as though he likes to stay in all the time, telling Dezeen, “The flat was for me like storage and hotel room … Extremely small flats are great for people who are Minimalist, who want to enjoy the city life.”

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“Enjoying the city life” most likely involves eating out frequently, as there aren’t any cooking facilities, although there is a small sink, a fridge, a food preparation area and a coffee machine. The bathroom maintains the minimalist ethos, with the whole space acting as a wet room—simply step in, shut the door and turn on the faucet! The living area is kept clutter free by keeping items off the floor, through the use of the aforementioned hammock as a sofa-cum-daybed and a high-set, purpose-built storage shelf for Hanczar’s bike.

Continuing the push upwards, the bedroom sits atop the bathroom, kitchenette and storage closet as a classic mezzanine space, accessed by a ladder that can also be moved from side to side. The storage area below the bedroom is even spacious enough to accommodate a tiny washing machine, with clothes hung to the side of it. The whole apartment is kept visually light by the use of white surfaces and pale wood; and while it is definitely not for hoarders, for a Minimalist it is a tiny slice of heaven.

+ Szymon Hanczar

Via Dezeen

Photos by Jędrzej Stelmaszek for Grappa Studio and Szymon Hanczar via Facebook