The Pop-Up House offers an affordable, eco-friendly, pre-fabricated kit that comes to the building site ready to be built. Unlike other pre-fabricated houses, the Pop-Up House is customizable allowing home owners to add their own style and personal touch to it – they can pick what type of doors to install, the layout, furniture, carpeting, etc. Conceived by Hally Thacher, the stylish home is shipped flat–packed and ready-to-assemble, which means substantial savings on labor, shipping costs and waste. The house assembly is user-friendly enough so anyone with building experience should be able to put it together.

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The core of the Pop–Up House consists of prefabricated SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels), which are designed to deflect heat and can save approximately $10,000 in energy costs over 10 years. The space between the roofs of the cubes and the house port allows for air circulation for natural cooling. This reduces the constant reliance on an additional heating and cooling system to regulate the temperature inside the home.

You can take a virtual tour here or watch webisodes detailing the development of the prototype house in Petaluma here.

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