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Created by Parisian architect , Tumbleweed is a part of the “Cultivated Furniture” collection from Compagnie.  With the aim of bringing more greenery indoors, Hubert designed the basket-like forms to maximize the amount of surface area to house vegetation.  The individual elements arrive flat, and can to be assembled with eyelets into tetrahedrons.  Able to be stacked vertically or hung horizontally, each Tumbleweed collection can be arranged to fit almost any space.

Helping to purify the air and reconnect with nature, the project bridges the worlds of interior design, urban renewal, and gardening.  Since the Tumbleweed system acts like a modernist version of a trellis, Hubert and Compagnie suggest selecting plants that like to climb (ivy, honeysuckle), fruiting shrubs (raspberry, currant), or perfumed flowers (jasmine, wisteria).  A kit containing five pieces will cost about $106 (85 euros) and can be ordered through the Compagnie website.

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