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Snoozebox’s new beautiful interiors carry all the comforts of home, from the furniture to the color palette. All rooms are ensuite, have an upholstered sofa, an elegant desk, and folding beds to pull-down when it’s time to rest. The flexible hotel is perfect for couples or friends, featuring king size, twin, singles or four-bunk rooms.

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The radical hotel with 100 rooms can now be set up in just 24 hours, and transportation system was improved by making the whole thing fold in half. The bathroom is no less innovative, featuring a luxury wet room and high-tech tiling that withstands transportation and excessive music vibrations. If you’re planning to attend an outdoor music festival with one of these nearby, treat yourself to a good night snooze.

Snoozebox has already popped up at the bustling Glastonbury Festival and is a finalist for the Radical Innovation in Hospitality award. Congratulations!

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