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Garducho Biological Center, Ventura Trindade Architects, off grid, biological center, portugal

The aim of the Garducho Biological Center (Estação Biológica do Garducho) is to foster sensitivity to the importance of biodiversity, and to increase scientific knowledge on the species and habitats in the region. The center not only seeks to disseminate scientific knowledge of biodiversity, but to spread the adoption of environmentally sustainable materials and technologies. The research center provides opportunities for young researchers and for international collaborations.

The design of the center places a strong focus on minimizing impact on the surrounding environment. Elevated above the land except in key parts, the building ensures the ground is intact and allows it to stay permeable. Paths on the ground connect the various functional parts together and above ground bridge-like volumes provide more research space.

As the building is located away from conventional utilities and services, the center is completely off-grid and self-sufficient. Photovoltaics on the roof generate electricity for the building, and rainwater cisterns collect water for use inside the facility.

Via ArchDaily

Images ©Ventura Trindade Architects