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New Jersey residents are being told to brace for an infestation of disease-carrying mosquitoes with a particularly aggressive way of drawing blood from humans and animals. Replacing the domestic mosquitoes that are known to mostly feed at dusk, the Aedes Albopictus, also known as the Asian Tiger mosquito, feeds all day. Experts say this makes them more effective at spreading diseases like the West Nile Virus, and residents need to be on alert.

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The Asian tiger mosquito, originally found in warm tropical regions, has adapted itself to cooler climates in northern areas, and its numbers are expected to grow this summer if residents don’t take action. Dumping all bodies of standing water from anything as small as a bottle cap to abandoned or unused pools where chlorine is not present, and informing neighbors to do the same is one method of controlling the mosquito population.

How do you know that this species of mosquito has crashed your summer barbecue? Well if you have a moment before swatting it off your arm, you’ll notice that the tiger mosquito is named for its black and white stripes, as well as its determination to not let go once it’s attached. Other ways homeowners are protecting themselves from this invasion range from bug sprays to lavender oils. But perhaps thinking twice before taking a rake to that spider web above your patio door and allowing some of the mosquitoes’ natural predators aid in the fight can make a difference.

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