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Some of the animals imprisoned on the side of containers include an antelope, elephant, giraffe, bear, and rhino. In line with his usual monochromatic style, ROA opted to use a minimalist color palette, which highlight the plight of the animals instead of just the artistic talent. One mural stretches across two containers, showing a rhino chained uncomfortably in place, while another shows a mother elephant on its back, with a calf chained above her. There is even a skeleton on one of the containers, which shows that animals can, and often do die thanks to poor treatment in captivity.

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The Rock Werchter festival might offer great music and a great experience, but now it has the platform to stunning art infused with a powerful message. Curated by Arne Quinze, not every piece will have an environmental message, but it shows how the message can be incorporated into every aspect of our lives.

+ ROA / Rock Werchter

Via MyModernMet, BA Street Art

Images by Rock Werchter, ROA