We’ve been fans of Flatpak home designs for quite some time, but are continually impressed when we find more of these unique, customizable prefabs in full form. This home in Aspen, Colorado, is our latest Flatpak discovery courtesy of Jetson Green’s Flickr habit. We’re captivated by the setting of course, but also decidedly enamored with the owner’s choice to combine the Flatpak custom components into this amazing abode in the Rocky Mountains.

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We don’t have all the details on this Flatpak, but from the looks of the owner’s Flickr photos it appears that they’ve optimized the capacities of personalized prefab. If you aren’t familiar with the Flatpak system, it’s basically a beautiful way for homeowners to piece together prefab elements into a design that suits them. Owners can pick and choose exterior wall and window components, exterior finishes and interior materials. When these are all chosen, a design team puts the choices into plans and gets construction rolling.

We would love to get more of the juicy details on the Aspen Flatpak, and if we do we’ll definitely keep you posted. In the meantime this prefab just might go to the top of the list as one of the most memorable prefabricated dwellings we’ve covered.

Via Jetson Green