Shipping container buildings have gained incredible popularity over the last year. And now here is another one to add to the list – the 2+ Weekend House byJure Kotnik Arhitekt. This mini housing unit is constructed from two stacked containers, and can be shaped according to its owner’s particular needs using the ConHouse System. The difference between this prefab house and the rest of the houses we’ve seen is that this house is made from containers specifically manufactured to housing units, and not recycled shipping containers.

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Shipping containers have become a popular choice for prefab construction due to their structural stability and ability to provide a quick frame for a building– not to mention the excess supply of them in shipping yards around the country. The designers using them are taking a wasted resource and upcycling them to give them a useful life as a home–which is also hopefully affordable. Putting it bluntly, the whole point of using shipping containers was to use up something that would end up wasted otherwise, not necessarily because everyone loved the look.

This design by Jure Kotnik, based in Slovenia, utilizes ConHouse container units, developed expressly for housing and office purposes. ConHouse asserts some of the typical characteristics that other prefabs claim – recyclability, adaptability, modular additions, and affordability, but do not push the envelope in sustainable design. Unfortunately, none of these features are innovative or new and the 2+ Weekend House doesn’t seem to encourage energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and there is no mention of healthy, non-toxic interiors.

Modular and affordable housing are certainly important and we look forward to seeing more attempts to create such customizable homes.  The ConHouse system isn’t doing anyone favors though. They have merely capitalized on the popularity of the shipping container look, while attempting to offer more customization. Additionally, we worry for the family who has to reside in a home with garish pink polka-dots.

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