Re-using existing resources and a fabulous design sense combine to create this versatile and easily adaptable piece of container architecture, the Greentainer Project in Gandino, Italy. The Greentainer is a shipping container that has been gutted to provide flexible public space, perfect for a number of uses. And the best bit, as it is a container, one can simply pick it up, and haul it away to another location.

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The Greentainer was designed by Exposure Architects. Measuring 12 meters long and 2.7 meters tall, the original shipping container was stripped down to its elemental structure and wrapped in glass. It comes equipped with a photovoltaic system that can supply all the heating and cooling needs of the space.

Much like the London subway cars we covered recently, these prefab structure are specially designed to be used for public space. With high visibility, it can be used as a small office, lounge bar or meeting room, just to name a few possibilities.

+ The Greentainer

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