Living lightly takes on new meaning with the Single Hauz from Poland-based front architects. Inspired by billboards, intended for single lifestyles and propped on a central pole, this prefab looks to the spaces otherwise overlooked. Small, sustainable and high-tech, the Single Hauz can live almost anywhere.

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Small skyward spaces, small house. The Single Hauz is just 27 square meters (290 square feet) with bathroom, kitchen and living space filling the elevated first floor and opening to a deck with the vista of your choice. The second floor provides a sleeping loft and access to the roof.

There are of course many logistical questions that accompany the Single Hauz concept but the idea takes shape in such a stylish little form that we can’t help ponder the challenge posed: how much space do you really need and where do you want it? This prefab could serve the urban landscape quite well or even be a good choice in flood prone areas. Wherever it pops up it’s certain that the Single Hauz rises above.