Motoyuki Daifu – Project Family #10

It’s no secret that living space is at a premium in Japanese households, and in this playful series called Project Family, Motoyuki Daifu tackles the cramped living spaces with humor and charm.

Mishka Henner – Levelland Oil Field, Hockley County, Texas

In his series Beef and Oil, Belgian-born artist Mishka Henner has curated Google Earth satellite images of sites that have been turned into oil fields and beef farms.

Michael Schmidt – Lebensmittel 2

Following the fast food chain from the farm to the table, German-born Michael Schmidt’s series is a powerful statement on how easily modern consumers forget where their food comes from.

Laurie Simmons – The Love Doll Series

One of only two women nominated for this year’s prize, American artist Laurie Simmons uses a life-size sex doll to explore consumer fetishism.

Juan Fernando Herrán – Transits, Medellín, Colombia

In his series Escalas, Juan Fernando Herrán explores suburban neighborhoods in Colombia that teeter on the edge of urban and rural.

Hong Hao – My Things No. 1

Each day for over 12 years, Chinese photographer Hong Hao has scanned every item he’s purchased in order to track his personal consumption, which he then organizes into detailed photo collages.

Boris Mikhailov – Tea, Coffee and Cappucino series

Russian artist Boris Mikhailov has spent the past decade snapping photos of the everyday scenes around him, attempting to translate the every day consumer experience into art.

Allan Sekula – Shop Occupied by Women Clerks

Nominated posthumously for his work, Allan Sekula’s Fish Story series spans seaports worldwide, taken over the course of five years. In his photos, viewers can follow the trail of global currency and goods as they exchange hands over and over again.

Adam Bartos – Yard Sale Series

In this series, Adam Bartos explores how the American institution of the yard sale recycles essential items within communities, preventing overconsumption and reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfills.

Abraham Oghobase – Fuel Subsidy Protest

In this series of photos from Lagos, Nigeria, Abraham Oghobase depicts the city’s 10 million citizens and their surroundings. Nearly every visible surface in Lagos is covered with billboards, posters, and even scribbled text advertisements.

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Rineke Dijkstra – Almerisa Series

In Rineke Dijkstra’s 12-year Almerisa series, the artist tracks a young asylum seeker from Bosnia as she adjusts to life in the Netherlands, eventually becoming a Dutch citizen and a mother.

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