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28-year old pro skater, Phillip Schuster had a dream, and like many other boys around the world it was to have a skatepark in his house. So he bought an old hunting lodge in Salzburg, Austria with the intention of transforming part of it into the coolest micro indoor skatepark, ever. Little did Ms Rauscher and Mr Brunnauer, the former owners of the lodge, know what Schuster was going to do with the place – likely they are pretty shocked by now. But we’re pretty impressed with Schuster’s dedication to DIY, renovation, and even his interior design skills.

After taking possession of the lodge, Schuster and his friends gutted it and then rebuilt the interior. Supplied by Schuster’s sponsor, Red Bull, the DIY renovation team added a number of concrete mini ramps, jumps, lips, and ledges to skate around, over and up. With the infrastructure in place, Schuster set about decorating and added back in vintage furniture and decor to give the air of the original hunting lodge. And of course, no Red Bull sponsored venue would be complete without a built-in mini fridge full of the energy drink. The renovation of the lodge restores the house to its original glory while ensuring it a new life as a skatepark. Oh and hey Schuster, if the skating thing doesn’t work out, we’re pretty sure you could make it as a designer with your own show on HGTV.

Via Red Bull

Images ©Erwin Polanc/Red Bull Content Pool