Prefab construction, while a beneficial process with tons of green advantages, has up until now been dominated by single-family residential buildings. We’ve seen great non-residential conceptual projects by Jennifer Siegal and others, but have yet to be wowed by an actual brick-and-mortar prefab school, store, or office. But now, San Francisco-based Project Frog may be changing all that. With their full line of prefabricated, modular, and customizable classrooms, schools may finally have a high-quality green option for classroom construction.

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Advertising the structures as “high performance environments engineered for learning,” Project Frog goes beyond the temporary classroom trailer to offer two basic options, the “Dragonfly” and “Turtle,” both simple, open, customizable floorplans that boasts some great sustainable features such as low or no-VOC carpet tiles, high ceilings and abundant natural light, plenum floors for improved ventilation and thermal environment, and expertly-engineered building frames that exceed California seismic codes. While each module is a single classroom, the modules can be easily combined to create larger networks of classrooms.

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