Imagine a world without bees. There would be no blueberries, no cherries, no pumpkins – not even beer. Here’s the problem: Most farmers depend on a single type of bee to pollinate our food and now that bee, the honey bee, is in trouble. But did you know there’s a super pollinator in your own backyard that can help? Meet the gentle, native bee!

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Keep your favorite foods on the table by joining the network that will collaborate to raise more native bees and grow more food. Crown Bees, a Washington-based company that specializes in solitary bees, announces a revolutionary way to connect bee lovers and those interested in their local food supply. A new and buzzworthy network will focus on educating and mobilizing the caretakers of mason bees and other solitary bees. You can view this new community of “Bee Boosters” at

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“We believe that anyone who’s interested in protecting our food supply will be excited to join our native bee booster movement,” says Dave Hunter, CEO of Crown Bees. “By educating more people about the importance of gentle bees and offering Bee Boosters a platform to make connections through this website, we’re going to revolutionize the way bees are raised across North America.”

The new Bee With Me website will allow users to share tips, stories and connect with each other. Users will be able to find other Bee Boosters in their towns who are also raising bees.

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