Tony Fisher is one of many swept away by the world’s long and passionate love affair with a colorful little toy: the Rubik’s Cube. Since it was first introduced in 1980, Fisher has been fascinated by the playful puzzle and he’s just spent several weeks building what he feels is the world’s largest functional Rubik’s Cube. Fisher’s version stands nearly as tall as he does, and watching him solve it single-handedly serves up just as much delight as the handheld original.

Fisher’s giant Rubik’s Cube is so large and heavy that it requires a hand truck to be moved around. Unlike its classic palm-sized predecessor, Fisher’s model measures 5 feet 1 inch tall and wide, and weighs in at around 200 lbs. In the video above, he hints that he might have made the Rubik’s Cube much larger were it not for his desires to bring the cube inside his home (thus being limited by the width of his doorways) and for the end result to be solvable by just one person (just like the original). If he had made it any larger, those two things would not have been possible.

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As it is, Fisher’s Rubik’s Cube is still quite unwieldy for even one tall man to operate. After rolling the cube out of his garage and on to a large tarp spread across his driveway, Fisher must work carefully to shift and twist the colorful cubes into place. What takes a flick of the wrist with the original toy requires slow and calculated movements with the larger version, especially considering the weight of the thing. One false move could leave the puzzle master crippled under his own project, after all.

It’s unclear whether Fisher has already submitted an application to the Guinness Book of World Records, but we think he should. Surely, the world has never seen a working Rubik’s Cube as large as this one. Solving a regular-sized Rubik’s Cube is already an impressive feat. Solving one as tall as you are is an even bigger accomplishment.

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