Pvilion has been very busy lately developing flexible energy-harnessing materials for a number of uses including solar powered pavilions and architectural applications. Their latest innovation is a brilliantly designed solar charging station for battery powered cars in Pflugerville, Texas, just outside of Austin. The 1/8 inch panel is flexed onto stainless steel sheets that create a stylish twisting form. The unique twirling design of the panels allows them to provide electricity to the power grid even without a car being present, making the Pflugerville charging station the first of its kind. This is great news for the tiny suburb, as it is beginning to make waves in the green world with its Renewable Energy Industrial Park and other citywide eco-friendly ventures.

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Pvilion’s other designs include mobile solar panels that can be adjusted for various solar capture and used in and around homes and commercial buildings in customizable positions. Working out of their warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Pvilion founders Todd Dalland, Robert Lerner, and Colin Touhey continually aim to combine the most efficient and durable solar technology with flexible and lightweight manufacturing and design.

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