1.6 billion people in the world still use kerosene lamps for light. Not only are they non-renewable and expensive — they can consume up to 5% of a family’s income — they also give off noxious cancer-causing fumes that amount to the emissions of 30 million cars. Nokero plans to improve air quality and reduce global warming emissions by replacing the unhealthy use of kerosene with their durable, rainproof, solar powered LED light bulb. They hope that this low cost, rechargeable light bulb will improve lives in the developing world by allowing people to kick kerosene to the curb.

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The Nokero light is fitted with 4 solar panels, 5 LED’s, is about 5 inches long, and when fully charged it will give off light for up to four hours. It is rainproof so there’s no worry of it being damaged by the elements, and it has a nighttime-only circuit in it that prevents the light from turning on in the daytime. The battery lasts for over two years, and as most of us now know, the LED’s will last even longer. It has a hook for hanging and is currently available for purchase.

The Nokero team is selling the bulbs right now for $15 each — or you can buy 48 bulbs for $10 each. They hope to get costs down to as low as $6 by manufacturing thousands at a time for different NGO’s and non-profits around the world. Currently the world uses 1.3 million barrels of oil per day for illumination — imagine if those 1.6 billion people were given a little Nokero light. We’d be giving them a light that is five times brighter for 1/200 of the energy expended.

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