RAND Boats’ new Spirit 25 is a small electric boat that combines luxury, custom design with sustainability and performance. This 25-foot open day cruiser with high-end finishes fits nine people and keeps an eye on social responsibility.

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A person steering an electric boat.

A hydrodynamic hull, lightweight construction and 30-60% less electricity or fuel consumption than a traditional motorboat of similar size all make the RAND Spirit 25 more efficient than any other boat in its class. Options for the RAND Spirit 25 include the electric series with a 200-kW motor and 78-kWh battery or a Mercruiser 300-horsepower 6.2L V8. Depending on the engine or motor you select for your boat, the Spirit 25 can achieve speeds above 40 knots with both electric and gasoline motors.

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An electric boat on the water.

That’s quite a bit for a boat with an open back and a relatively small size. The rear of the runabout has an open deck with lounge seating for three people. Backing up to those seats are three upright passenger seats that face forward toward a center table for plenty of passenger space with multiple uses. RAND says the Spirit 25 has “perfect handling, stability, and balance, making it comfortable and fun for captains of any experience level to pilot.”

A front view of an electric boat on the water.

It’s roomy, pilots seamlessly with plenty of power and even has a reconfigurable seating area for parties once the boat is anchored out at sea. The pilot’s seat backrest shifts forward so the three front-row seats can face the dining table and the three passenger seats to the rear, creating a six-person dining area in the boat’s center. Additional features include LED navigation and position lights and a streamlined design available in multiple colors and finishes.

An electric boat on the water.

Spirit 25 also has RAND Boats’ new sport steering console. Inspired by classic Italian sports cars, the console adds a sporty feel to the boat. Explore the RAND website for further details, and check out the electric options for a more eco-friendly choice.


Images via RAND