Many things are often thrown away just because they aren’t “cool” anymore, but Dutch design duo rENs teamed up with global carpet company Desso to prove you can make outdated rugs stylish again with a generous helping of red dye. Thanks to they way different yarns and patterns react with the dye, each of the rugs in the Re-vive collection has its own unique identity. Keep reading to see how “the power of creativity” can be used to give forgotten items a new life.

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To create the rugs, the design duo first had to pick the right shade of red, before mixing just the right amount into a paint bath that was heated to a specific temperature. The old rugs were then dipped in the bath, with time being the key factor that determined the final results, before being hung out to dry.

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“The hand crafted process means that each time, the designers are interpreting the mix of dye and yarn and creating an individual work of art – testament to the idea of giving customers exciting new concepts and designs from existing materials,” say the designers. Not only does this mean that each piece is unique, it also means it’s a project you can probably tackle at home, provided you have the space and the right tools, of course.

Overall, the project was an attempt to highlight Desso’s new corporate vision of a “Circular economy where goods are made to be made again. Using healthy materials, the concept [also] calls for smart design to recycle, reuse, and remanufacture.” It also proves that not every form of recycling has to be complicated, sometimes a little bit of imagination can go a long way.

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Images by rENs & Desso