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The main component of the Reaction Housing System is its Exo housing unit. The Exo is manufactured in two, easy to assemble pieces that can be fixed as standard living, office, individual, double door, and interconnected spaces.

Each Exo sleeps four people on single beds that fold and attach to the wall when not in use.В Portable power generators supply electricity to the units via magnetic connection clips. Inside are four outlets to charge cellphones, a weather radio, and AC to provide extra comfort for the homesick.

The Exo’s core components come from a prefabricated flat pak, which makes for efficient storage and transportation. Twenty units can be nested on one 53 foot semi-truck trailer or one C-130 Hercules plane (pictured) while 1,940 Exos could be moved across country on a freight train and soon provide housing for 7,760 newly homeless. Four people can move and assemble one shelter in just a few minutes. Thanks to a tool and heavy-machinery free set-up, an entire climate-controlled camp could be arranged in just a few hours.

At $5,000 per unit, the Reaction Housing System is a cost-effective emergency housing solution. Compare this Epoch Homes’ $32,000 core model or the sustainable and artistic FEMA Trailer project, which requires an investment of $65,000 for a four-person rig.

The brilliance behind the Reaction Housing System lies in the fact that distribution can be scaled and individual structures situated to meet the demand of local landscape, culture and conditions. A step above tent cities, pods of Exos could create a sense of community, even in the most dreadful of circumstances.

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ViaВ Jetson Green