The best gift I received this year for Xmas was the ReadyMade book: How to Make {Almost} Everything: A Do-It-Yourself Primer. Thanks to my generous sister, I now hold the secrets to creating chandeliers from water bottles, recycling those annoying plastic cd covers into wall art, and making good modernist use of discarded shelves.

The Readymade book is everything you’d expect from the clever creators of ReadyMade Magazine. It’s handy, resourceful, funny, and provides countless hours of entertainment, diversion and inspiration with a whole new slew of projects that have never been published in the magazine. Whether or not you actually find the time to try out any of the recipes in the book, ReadyMade’s philosophy that you can improve your life by reusing, recycling and making more out of less is truly inspiring.

We love everything about the ReadyMade book – the How-tos, the writing, the photographs and even the graphic design so perfectly merge witty ideas with serious DIY practicality. The book’s spine forms a straight-edge ruler (for measuring your projects!) and the cover is made from embossed recycled brown cardboard. The book is organized into six chapters, according to material: paper, plastic, wood, metal, glass and fabric. Each project is carefully explained in step-by-step format, with accompanying photographs and illustrations. Below are some examples of spreads from the book.

If you didn’t get the ReadyMade book for Xmas this year, and you want it – you are in luck, because its now on sale. (Ain’t those post-holiday sales great?) Make good use of those gift-certificates and pick it up from Amazon for $16.50

+ ReadyMade Book
+ ReadyMade Magazine

(Thanks to my awesome sister Katie for the best gift of the year!)