Laranjal House by Alves Architects is located in a field of orange trees on the premises of the company Zircom, S.A. The house is part of an industrial installation created by the demolition company. The challenge from Zircom to the architects was to reuse materials used from the demolitions to build a modern space for staff lunch breaks.

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A house with a glass front

Zircom is exploring a circular economy for its demolition materials. The project deepened and explored new possibilities of using reused materials, such as even in the structural components.

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The back of the Laranjal House features two rectangle windows on either ends

Furthermore, the shape of the building is defined by a set of trusses from the demolition of a building in Lisbon. The reddish color of these trusses becomes a feature of the structure. It maintains an open space in the center of the building that looks out through steel-case windows on the orange fields. As a result, it’s a lovely place to eat your lunch. It also gives Zircom the chance to explore various ways in which they might define new projects through use of reclaimed demolition materials.

An outdoor patio area with a white seating area

Additionally, modular wooden elements with metallic fasteners make up the ceiling and walls of the structure. Outside, there is an outer cork coating used as siding. Meanwhile, the interiors use a reclaimed wood planking. Also, Zircom will use the space for conferences and team meetings. As a result, it retains a simple feel, even though the finishes give it a relaxed, high-end look.

A close-up of the glass panel and wooden flooring of the outside

Flexible-use furniture allowed the functional division of the space in two areas. First, there are tables for six people, for smaller groups and for brief work sessions. Second, there is the large communal table, for larger groups. Even the furniture, the outdoor decking and the steel was reclaimed for this project.

Interior eating and dining area leading from the glass front

The project was a collaboration between Zircom with Lisbonwood and Pedro Marques Alves located in Portugal.

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Images via Ana Barros