If you happen to have a large number of old fluorescent tubes and don’t know what to do with them, here’s the perfect idea for you! The Toronto based design collective known as Castor Canadensis fashions beautiful ceiling lights out of discarded old fluorescent tubular lightbulbs.

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Castor Canadensis, a collective of craftmen and artists with eclectic background of craftsmentship and design, has created this stunning ‘Recycled Tube Light’ from refuse tubular lightbulbs. While it may look simple, as it is simply lamp made by wrapping a series of dead tubes around a pair of incandescent bulbs, what we really liked is the idea of repurposing an item which is very commonly disposed improperly, by throwing it into the trash, rather than the proper disposal that these tubes require.

There are two versions, a slightly longer one, for hanging horizontally and a smaller 2 foot version for lying on the table or the floor. Now, if we could just get one that uses compact fluorescents instead of tungsten bulbs.

(Via The Canadian Design Resource)

+ Castor Canadensis