Most wrapping paper is non-recyclable due to the amount of dye used on the paper. It is also full of laminating materials and other non-paper additives, which means it goes directly to landfills. Don’t forget about the bows, the ribbons and the glue used on the back of sticky bows and all those items that are not sustainable in any way.

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During the holiday season in November and December, almost 227,000 miles of wrapping paper gets thrown in the trash. That’s enough wrapping paper to wrap around the entire Earth not once and not twice, but nine times. And when you think about the fact that most of it can’t even be recycled, well, it’s kind of amazing that everyone isn’t drowning in the trash already.

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It creates a huge environmental problem. Luckily, there is an easy solution: renewable newsprint. Wrapping paper from Wrappily is milled, printed and packaged all in Washington State. This creates a very short supply chain. Most of the prints are also created by local artists.

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Wrappily has gift wrap for all occasions and ribbons to match. Amazon and many national chains have started to carry Wrappily to offer an Earth-friendly option that’s not like other wrapping paper available on the market.

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A piece of newsprint can be recycled up to seven times. Wrappily’s designs are made with gentle, soy-based ink. They’re also printed out with local newspaper presses, which is another type of recycling and reusing.

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The paper is 100% recyclable and compostable. It’s also 100% made in the USA. It comes in a great range of colors and patterns, both seasonal and all-occasion. Meanwhile, there’s a full section on the website that includes ribbons in all different widths and colors, so you can really put the finishing touches on your fits. Their ribbon selection includes colors and designs made with hemp, cotton, paper and other materials.

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The Wrappily storefront even has gift tags. And, yes, they’ve got bows made with cotton and in all the vivid colors you expect. Their bows are manufactured with sustainable, eco-friendly materials. It’s the solution you may not have known that you need. But now that you do, Wrappily is here.

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