Much like a one-pot meal, furniture constructed from a single piece of material is efficient to make, leaves little waste, and offers plenty of room for variation and innovation. The new Reform collection of furniture at Vivavi is all made from a single sheet of ¼” aluminum, cut and folded origami-style into sleek minimalist pieces that would make Mies proud.

Impressively, the furniture uses no adhesives or hardware to hold any of the pieces in shape, and all materials are 100% recyclable, in case you ever need to switch up your decor. They could even be recycled into another piece from the Reform Collection, if you ever get bored with your table and decide you want a chair instead!

Reform is committed to the deeper aspects of sustainable design, and embraces business as a vehicle for positive change. The company advocates pricing based on true cost, meaning that the prices on their products take into account environmental and social costs, which are usually hidden from the consumer. Of course, true cost often means higher cost, but put into context, we come to understand that if we’re not paying for resources and labor, the Earth and society pay the price. In a Reform chair, you can rest easy knowing the whole story.

Starting at $450.00 from Vivavi