People spend hundreds of dollars on the latest bands new shoes and boots, footwear that is causing the planet serious harm. Why not spend less and wear shoes that are much less harmful? That’s the idea behind Wildling Shoes.

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According to a study conducted by the University of California, Santa Barbara graduate students, manufacturing one kilogram of leather has 10 times more negative environmental impact than making a synthetic alternative or using a natural fiber option, such as hemp. Meanwhile, creating the synthetic rubber for shoes actually creates more waste than it does actual synthetic rubber.

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Wildling Shoes sources natural, sustainable materials and manufactures shoes based on a partnership-based production model. Washi, certified organic linen, certified organic cotton, hemp-flax fleece blends and other natural fibers are used to create these shoes. The catalog includes athletic shoe designs, ankle-high work boot styles and lots more.

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Wildling Shoes is a certified B corporation. This means Wildling Shoes adheres to strict standards to remain ethically and environmentally responsible. The brand was founded by Anna and Ran Yona. They had trouble finding the right shoes for their three kids. So, they created their own. Ran is a barefoot runner, a trainer and a sports therapist. His expertise informed the design. Anna, a lifelong activist, knew their shoes had to be environmentally friendly.

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Moreover, Wildling Shoes doesn’t just conform comfortably to the shape of the foot and provide support, they are handcrafted in Europe with ecological materials under ethical standards. That’s definitely a cut above the synthetic shoes that fill the market today.

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Meanwhile, a pair of these handcrafted, eco-friendly, great-looking shoes that were designed by a foot specialist cost a lot less than the latest hot shoe styles from the big brand names and famous designers. You can spend less money to do a whole lot more good for the environment…and that isn’t a bad trade-off at all.

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