You’ve probably heard of low-flow showerheads that preserve water, but have you heard of a smart shower that infuses essential oils into your water at the same time? Hai created an entire water-saving showerhead system that tracks your water usage and includes hydrotherapy while helping you monitor and reduce energy usage.

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Spa hydrotherapy and planet-saving smart shower combined

Think of it as aromatherapy infused directly into the water. Hai makes infusion tablets that insert into a capsule in the showerhead, and the water of your shower does the rest. The hai aromatherapeutic tablets come in lavender, eucalyptus and mandarin scents. Each is mixed with vitamins and essential oils.

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The showerhead automatically saves you water because it operates at 1.8 gallons-per-minute as opposed to a normal showerhead that runs at 2.5 gallons-per-minute. What makes the hai a smart shower is that sensors light up to tell you when the water is at your target temperature so you save time and water. The showerhead adjusts from a full water flow to a fine mist, which also customizes your shower experience like a small steam shower, but saves you additional water.

Moreover, a Bluetooth connection tracks your water usage over time on a phone app. The phone app can also alert you when your shower is ready at your desired temperature. The hai showerhead has a toggle switch that changes the full water flow over to mist. Mist mode is therapeutic as well as sustainable. It helps the shower open your pores to absorb the vitamins and therapeutic ingredients in the infusion tablets.

Additionally, the showerhead installs fairly easily by unscrewing your old showerhead at the pipe and installing the new showerhead with an included clamp to lock it in place. The equipment comes in six color options that pair with a brushed nickel finish from yellow, red and black to blue, pink and white. The main showerhead doubles as a handheld attachment, detaching from the wall to use while seated or to clean pets.

A purple lavender hai infusion with lavenders surrounding the packaging

Review of the hai showerhead and infusion system

Hai sent me a showerhead to test, and I was a bit intimidated at first after learning the showerhead requires no tools. The package recommends a wrench and plumber’s tape. The website actually shows how you can unscrew a showerhead and clamp on the new showerhead, which was reassuringly simple.

They sent lavender and eucalyptus tablets, which had strong scents, but were pleasant and refreshing. To use them, you just open the little plastic infusion chamber on the side of the shower and pop one in, which is infused into the water flow. Your shower then becomes an aromatherapy steam bath or infused shower to absorb the therapeutic ingredients into your skin. You should avoid this product if you have herbal allergies to eucalyptus or citrus, or if you have severe asthma that might be irritated by a steam shower with essential oils. Overall, I was impressed with the design and thought behind the smart shower.

Wellness is a hot trend these days, but by combining self-care with what’s good for the planet, the hai showerhead becomes both spa-like luxury and climate solution tools that engages the user to track and better their own habits.

I especially love how the light on the showerhead tells you when the temperature hits your desired warmth. If you want to use the app, you can see all the extra data and be notified of a warm shower from the other room. And you can set this shower to your favorite settings and forget it while still conserving resources. I don’t generally warm up the shower for long, but it is easy to forget if you walk away, which wastes water (and heat).

Despite recently replacing a tub and shower, and sorting through hundreds of showerhead options, the hai showerhead is totally different from the average equipment on the market. It’s smart, sustainable, automates most of the water savings and tracks energy use for you. And best of all, it gives you the benefits of a steam shower and a spa treatment, but it’s super easy to install in any bathroom and doesn’t require a remodel like a real steam shower requires.

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Editor’s Note: This product review is not sponsored by hai. All opinions on the products and company are the author’s own.