Talk about getting back to nature! This rental houseboat brings all of the elements of nature — fire, water, air and earth — onboard for an immersive experience.

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long boat with thatched roof on a river

The client, Lyndon Alves, is with a vacation rental company called Sunset Getaway. This vacation rental comes in the form of a 100-foot-long river boat that can be reserved for a private experience. Located on the Chapora River in north Goa, India (near Morjim), the Kerala Rice Boat was constructed using bamboo and wood throughout the 1,600-square-foot space.

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boat deck with orange lounge seats

The traditional Kettuvallam is common throughout the Kerala region for promoting tourism in the area. Distinctive with its thatched roof and wooden hull, this houseboat architecture was a welcome challenge for FADD Studio, who was hired for the rental houseboat’s interior design.

houseboat guest room with blue bedding

The lacquered interior walls do not lend themselves to paint, wallpaper or any adhesive, but they do offer protection from all types of weather as well as easy maintenance. However, the material means the design team needed to focus on fabrics and art for the theme. Each of the three bedrooms represents an element of nature. The water room features shades of blue, green and yellow with a striking ripple effect in the duvet as well as wall art that focuses on the water theme. In the fire room, reds and oranges dominate the space with a striped, richly-colored bedspread and two-tone curtains that soften the fiery space. In contrast, the earth room is neutral with a duvet that is pleated to emulate sand piles. Small green flowers are stitched into the material to bring Earth’s living elements into the room.

houseboat guest room with gray bedding

In the main dining area, the element of air matches the breezes that filter through as the boat floats down the river. Lavender and gray hues reflect the calming vibe of gentle winds.

long table set with dishes on a boat with open wall revealing river views

Throughout the three bedrooms and the sunset deck, where guests can schedule a private massage, accessories precisely match the vibe of each natural element. Light fixtures, lamps, towel rods and even robe hooks bring the elements to life inside while nature drifts by outside the boat.

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Images via FADD Design