Oregon-based Revmedx developed a small syringe that can seal gunshot wounds in just 15 seconds! The patent-pending XStat works by releasing small rapidly-expanding sponges into the wound that exert pressure and stop blood flow. The device comes in two sizes (for large wounds and narrow wounds) and it can be used on both adults and adolescents.

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XStat stops hemorrhaging, which is the leading cause of death on the battlefield. It is meant for wounds too deep to be compressed externally or with a tourniquet. XS inserts homeostatic material into the wound, which then expands from the inside out and stops the bleeding by creating pressure. The sponges are coated with homeostatic agent and contain a radiopaque marker that allows them to be easily detected via X-ray. The applicator can be 30 mm or 12 mm in diameter, depending on the size of the wound.

XStat is still in development and unavailable for commercial use, though the U.S. Army is committed to backing the project to help develop it further. Once its patent application is processed and hopefully approved, the XStat syringe could find wide application beyond military use. Besides the battlefield, the syringe could also prove useful in civilian medicine in trauma situations.

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Via Daily Mail