Swiss non-profit tech company CSEM has developed a new type of solar panel that can be seamlessly integrated into the walls of buildings. The photovoltaic panels are available in different colors and have no visible connections. This allows architects to subtly incorporate solar panels into their projects, and the panels keep buildings cooler to boot.

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The new panels can be used in large sections and installed onto the roofs of buildings. This will help the panels stay cooler and improve their efficiency and lower the energy demand of buildings. The panels consist of colored plastic layers set over the solar cells. This layer reflects all visible light but allows infrared rays through. The panels can be put over any type of crystalline silicon solar cells.

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The company claims that the colored solar panel technologycan be applied on top of an existing solar panel or integrated into a new module during assembly. This applies to both flat and curved surfaces. This means that modules can be made from scratch to customize existing panels.


Via Treehugger