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The living room is situated in the front half of the apartment to take advantage of the large windows and natural light. The bathroom was customized to take up as little room as possible, occupying just 27 square feet.

The bedroom is cleverly designed with a large storage area and a bed that lifts up to reveal more storage, along with a space for the cat. In the kitchen, a hidden refrigerator blends in with a seamless line of built-in storage to create a minimalist display and the kitchen island can be moved to create more space in the living room when necessary.

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A sliding door can be used to isolate the bedroom from the living space and all of the electronics and appliances are cleverly hidden behind smooth birchwood facades. There is even a cubby for the cat to allow it to travel through a tunnel from one room to the next, creating the perfect tiny apartment for city living for four legged inhabitants and two.

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