With a widespread discussion about reducing pollution from vehicle emissions, a company called Ridepanda has biked into the conversation with the first online e-dealership, which peddles e-mobility options. 

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A screenshot of Ridepanda's homepage.

The goal is not only to provide a central location for e-bike, e-scooter, and e-moped shopping, but to pivot the way people are thinking about transportation options. Ridepanda’s mission is to help transform personal transportation in a way that encourages better health for the rider as well as the citizens who benefit from cleaner air. Compared to renting e-rides regularly or investing in a car, the cost of purchasing e-transport is a budget-friendly option too.

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Conscientious consumers around the planet are driving demand for electric vehicles, and not just cars. The other e-options also contribute to a healthier environment, improved air quality, reduced carbon emissions and minimized noise pollution. 

Three Ridepanda screenshots showing the decision process.

The company reports, “Ridepanda offers a handpicked selection of e-bikes, e-mopeds and e-scooters, along with essential add-ons including financing, maintenance, warranties and personalized customer services.”

The goal is to make it easier to convert the daily commute towards electric modes of transportation. It’s a need that was already there, according to co-founders Chinmay Malaviya and Charlie Depman, who both previously worked at companies like Lime, Bird and Scoot.

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“The support from investors will be used to make technological improvements to our platform to streamline the process of discovering, purchasing, owning, and maintaining light electric vehicles. This includes building tailored experiences for specific demographics, strengthening our vetting system, improving our ridefinder recommendation engine, and helping governments utilize e-bike rebates and subsidies,” Depman said.

The company is currently watching the recently introduced E-BIKE Act, which would offer substantial e-bike rebates. Ridepanda is also working with San Mateo County and its utility provider Peninsula Clean Energy to streamline the introduction of local e-bike rebate programs.

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