An eruption just south of Japan in the Pacific Ocean has created a new island comprised of black volcanic tephra. The latest addition to the Ring of Fire region, known as Nishino-shima, is only 200 meters (650 feet) across and 20 meters (65 feet) high – however it could continue to grow in size.

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Since the island was created by a volcanic eruption, it has been monitored by the Japanese Coast Guard to ensure that it is not a hazard for people living in the area. The Japanese Meteorological Agency has said there isn’t any immediate danger, but they have warned ships not to approach the crater.

The eruption and creation of the new island has displayed classic “rooster tail” eruptions which can be seen in the images. The Nishino-shima region is part of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana volcanic arc, which includes the infamous Iwo Jima.

The last major eruption from Nishino-shima occured 40 years ago when another island was produced – the first in 10,000 years. Since then, Japanese scientific groups have suggested that submarine eruptions or active submarine fumaroles have been ongoing since that 1974 eruption, but the appearance of this new island is the first evidence that this is indeed the case.

To see the crater in action, watch this Japanese Coast Guard video of the eruption.

Via Daily Mail

Images via Japanese Coast Guard