Part pre-fab home and part RV, Tom Kundig’s mobile home ‘Rolling Huts’ are a tribute to the simplicity of rural Romanticism, much like their predecessor the Delta Shelter. While the Delta Shelter was originally intended as a retreat in the mountains, the owner of the home soon realized he needed temporary residences for his guests, and so commissioned Kundig, to develop a series of mobile counterparts.

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Each hut is constructed from a 200 square-foot steel clad box that rests on a steel and wood platform that extends the structure with 240 square feet of covered deck space. Entrance to the huts is granted through a double-paned sliding glass door. The interiors are outfitted in cork and plywood, with walls featuring clerestory windows topped with a raised roof that floats at an angle over the hut. The exterior of the huts are finished with low-maintenance materials such as, steel, plywood, and car-decking that blend into the surrounding landscape.

To remain sensitive to their location in a flood-plain meadow or in an alpine river valley, the huts are raised a short distance off the ground, which was also necessary to meet the standards of zoning in areas of the valley that don’t allow permanent homes. Clustered together much like a herd, Kundig’s huts grant an unobstructed view of the mountains.

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