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Endo Shuhei, Rooftecture OT2, OSB, oriented strand board, sustainable timber, natural ventilation, sustainable design, green design, Japan, Osaka, industrial-chic, skylights, urban design, urban density

Shuhei has built a series of structures using industrial-chic metal facades, but few are as striking as Rooftecture OT2 in Osaka. Designed to shut out the street while still permitting air and light to pass through the perforations, the metal skin conceals a much gentler interior.

Comprised mostly of Oriented Strand Board (OSB), which is considered one of the most responsible timber choices given that it is made with 50 layers of thin strands that can be taken from smaller diameter, farm-grown trees, the three story interior is light, fresh and breezy and connected by a central winding staircase.

+ Endo Shuhei

Photography © Stirling Elmendorf