We’re always excited to see architects reuse industrial materials, and in the prefab world there’s no match for the simplicity, low cost, and customization capabilities of the stalwart shipping container. We’ve covered several ways that architects have up-cycled the durable containers into industrial-chic living spaces, and this incredible home in Wellington, New Zealand, is the latest container redux to catch our eye. Composed of three slate grey containers stacked up like blocks beside a hilltop, it strikes the perfect balance between ruggedly engineered construction and clean modern form.

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Shipping containers are an intrepid green architect’s dream. They’re essentially durable, ready-made rooms that, with the right set of retrofits, can be repurposed into modular living spaces. Built to weather the test of time and strains of shipping, they also possess a standardized modular structure that gives them great potential for vertically inclined projects.

The grey container house was constructed by Ross Stevens, an Industrial Design lecturer at Victoria University in Wellington. It takes advantage of the shipping container’s intrinsic stacking ability to build where other construction methods would have been costly, if not altogether impossible. The house is composed of mostly reclaimed materials, and it has a wonderful way of merging its industrial interior with the immediate environment through balconies and terraces.

Via jetsongreen.com

Photo credit: Petraalsbach’s Flickr Set