We’re accustomed to being toted around from place to place on vacation — cruise ships, anyone? — but the Rotel takes the concept to new heights. The bright red hotel-on-wheels from Rotel Tours has 24 seats and 26 capsule-sized sleeping areas for trip participants.

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The sleeping berths on the custom-modified Mercedes 0404 don’t exactly sound comfortable. Each bed measures six feet long, and the ceilings are just three feet high — a claustrophobic traveler’s nightmare. The Rotel also lacks showers, but it does have a kitchen and toilet. And when possible, the Rotel stops at shower-equipped campgrounds at its tour stops in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Think of it like a campsite on wheels.

But is it green? That’s hard to say. The Rotel saves carbon emissions by keeping passengers from traveling individually, but the energy consumed by the massive vehicle is probably considerable. Still, the Rotel might be the best option for camping-averse travelers who still want a rugged, outdoor experience.

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Via Treehugger and Gizmag