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Sugawaradaisuke Studio, Transustainable House, Tokyo home, rusty exterior, adaptable home, semi-indoor areas

The Transustainable House features a mix of outdoor, indoor and “semi-indoor” areas spread over two levels. The whole ground floor is covered in pebbles, and its minimal decor, natural light and the large sliding windows blur the relationship between the indoors and outdoors. This design approach makes the 410 sq ft home feel bigger, and it also provides residents with greater flexibility and control in how they heat and cool the house throughout the year.

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Private and social rooms are located the ground floor, while a kitchen and bedroom are located on the upper level. The home’s unique design adapts and satisfies a range of living situations, allowing small families, couples and single residents to share it. The Transustainable House’s weathered steel skin transforms over time as well – the architects explained to Dezeen that the home’s “architectural appearance is not designed by an architect, but is defined by the actual behavior of the natural phenomena.”

+ Sugawaradaisuke Studio

Via Dezeen

Photos by Jérémie Souteyrat