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Each of the oval “rooms” in the treehouse are connected, but designed for separate activities — one for standing, one for sitting down, and one for sleeping al fresco. Each area is intersected by a tree trunk from the Japanese oak host  that coils around the platform, or jut through the floor, harmonizing each room within the tree.

The rooms are outlined with steel guardrails to protect visitors from stumbling off. A curved white couch, platform bed, and leaning support furnish each of the rooms. The floors are also slatted so that they naturally drain rain and spilled liquids, as well as filter light to the base of the tree. When the wind shakes the tree, the structure slowly rocks with it.

The surrounding branches and leaves act as a natural sun filter, shading the interior for relaxation, filtering rain, as well as giving bursts of oxygen with natural ventilation. The CLOUD structure is an idyllic place of contemplation and serenity high up in the trees.


Via Arch Daily