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Samoo Architects & Engineers, South Korea, vertical louvers, cross-ventilation, natural ventilation, sustainable building, auditorium, energy-efficient building

The architects designed the project as an attempt to combine history, nature and accessibility and create diverse spaces within the complex. While there is a high degree of independence between different facilities, the large podium unifies the complex and provides a space above which can be used as a venue for events and gatherings. The service center and the auditoriums are located on the lowest level of the podium, while the grand plaza offers stunning views of the surroundings.

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Rising from the plinth is a tower which was optimized to allow cross ventilation. Several simulations deployed by the architects enabled them to create an energy-efficient space that provides a pleasant environment. Unique vertical louvers contribute to the sustainability of the complex and while giving it a modern appearance. The building is slated for completion by 2018.

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Via World Architecture News