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La Samaritaine Renovation, SANAA, green renovation, paris, daylighting, glass facade

La Samaritaine was first built back in 1870 and over the years grew and spread out to encompass an entire block. Various architects and designers were involved in the construction and renovation of the block and now SANAA will be added to that list. Their plans for the green renovation include a slew of updates with the objective of revitalizing the neighborhood’s economic and commercial environment, creating sustainable jobs, stregthening the neighborhood’s residential character with social housing and a nursery, enhancing the area’s heritage and improving the architecture by mixing both modern and original works. The renovation will create space for 95 social housing apartments large enough for 250 people, 400 new jobs and a commercial revival.

Daylighting is an essential aspect of the renovation characterized by a contemporary facelift to the Rivoli Islet and covering the building in a transparent glass facade. Atriums and skylights will pull more light into the inner recesses of the building and an urban walk inside the structure will allow a smooth transition from court to court. SANAA’s renovation also has great respect for the existing architecture and will include the refurbishment of the other buildings as well as the “Batiment Jourdain Verriere” and the great canopy and staircase.

Sustainability, energy efficiency and urban ecology are major factors in the renovation and the project includes an innovative environmental plan to satisfy the Paris Climate Plan requirements, seeking a number of certifications like HQE, BREEAM and even LEED. Energy use will be reduced in the refurbished parts to 80 kWh/ep/m2/year and to 50 kWh/ep/m2/year in the new parts. An efficient waste collection program is planned along with low waste during construction, new landscaping and even a green roof. Construction is expected to begin sometime this summer.

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